TERMINUS AIoT Smart Office Building Solution is designed to create a pleasant office environment, by using AIoT, cloud computing and computer vision technologies to solve varied problems of conventional office buildings, such as access control, office works, security and parking. With comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, safe and smart end-to-end services, it helps to make the management of office buildings more orderly, intensive and effective. 


ABAS BI+Operation Management

Real-time remote control, energy saving report ABAS BI+BIM ABAS BI+BIM


Building Information Managment of whole life cycle

Data Analysis

Data mining of Building operation,reflecting the value of data

WeChat Client-side

On-site inspection, work sheet and maintenance



Shopping Mall

Office Building




Industrial Park



NUO Hotel Beijing

NUO hotel Beijing is a five-star hotel brand developed by Beijing Tourism Group. The hotel is renowned both at home and abroad with about 58,000 square meters floor area above ground and 25 floors. High quality standard has been adopted since the inception of the hotel project. Terminus’ ABAS platform can be seen even in the early planning stage of the hotel where information technology, energy management, low carbon technology and project OPS were planned and implemented.

Wuhan Greenland Center

With a gross floor area of 402,588m2, the Wuhan Greenland Center boasts a 636 meter high main building with 6 floors under ground and 125 floors above ground. It will become the tallest building in the center China region, second tallest in China and third tallest in the world at large after the construction completes. It is an iconic skyscraper in the central region of China.

Hongqiao Lvgu Plaza

Covers an area of about 520,000m2, this modern commercial complex integrates company headquarters with office buildings, commercial spaces, recreational facilities and an exhibition center and high-end hotels.

Chongqing Yingli IMIX Park

Covering an area of about 400,000m2 with 100,000m2 shopping mall, one high-level office building, one high-level business SOHO, three international mansions, the Chongqing Yingli IMIX Park is an integrated city complex and an iconic building cluster in Daping business circle.

Nanjing Zifeng Tower

The Nanjing Zifeng Tower is a 89-story, 450-meter supertall skyscraper that occupies an area of about 260,000m2. It is the world 7 tallest building, the second tallest building in the mainland of China with high end technology and iconic stature.

Zhengzhou millennium plaza

As an iconic building locates in the Zhengdong new area, the Zhengzhou millennium plaza is a 280-meter tall, 60-story above ground building that covers an area of about 250,000m2. It is a city service complex and the third tallest building in the central plains region of China.

Grandview Mall

Locating in the Tianhe district, Guangzhou city, the Grandview Mall is a top business property for Guangdong province. Covering an area of 260,000 square meters with an annual revenue of 6.6 billion RMB, the Grandview Mall is the third largest shopping mall in China. The refrigerating capacity could reach to 9800 RT in the building’s refrigerating station.

Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport

The Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport is an alternate airportis and a high-altitude airport that rises 1974 meters above the sea level. It is a 4E level airport with more than 10 million passenger traffic. It serves as a major air hub for the province of Gansu and western China with tens of thousands of international passengers arrive and departure from the airport.


Energy Saving

Property Management Costs
saving by 10% - 30%
Equipment Maintenance Costs
saving by 20% - 40%
Energy saving by 20% - 30%
Reducing dependence on outsourcing


Investment and financing services
Engineering design implementation
Managed operation service
Integrated platform and service


Green Building Certification
Intelligent authentication of ELV
Carbon emission certification
Integrated intelligent system

Quality Improvement

Improve operational efficiency
Elevate Property Value
Increase environmental comfort