Edge Computing

Poseidon 100 Edge computing module

• Swappable flexible computing units

• AI-enabled computing capacity deployment for higher performance at lower costs

• Industry-leading performance upgrading (4 times higher in every 9 months)

• VPU upgrade from USB single-channel Myriad 2 to mPCIe double-channel Myriad X

Poseidon 300 Edge gateway

• Flexible combinations of multiple editions: Lite, Flex and Fusion

• Industry-leading 240-FPS structured processing for human face video

• Supporting the latest video encoding standards; 8-channel 1080p H264/H265 video max

• Certified by the Third Research Institute of the MPS

• 20K-entry library

Poseidon 900X Edge computing server

• Swappable 8 Poseidon 100 modules for dynamic adjustment of computing capacity

• Structured processing for people/motor vehicles/non-motor vehicle

• 480-FPS video structured processing

• 4K/8K Ultra-HD media processing

• 500K-entry library with high-performance retrieving engine