AIoT platform

Gaia AIoT Community
Smart Community Platform

Mainly used by the Command Platform of smart communities to enable scenario sensing, city management, security alerts and IoT device management capabilities, so as to make service management and decision-making smarter. 

· Scenario sensing
· Access management

· Real-time alerts

Gaia AIoT Fire Protection Smart Firefighting Platform

Created to meet the requirements of firefighting departments at all levels, including automated fire prevention and control, regulated law enforcement, smart firefighting/rescue command and refined management of firefighting forces.

· Firefighting IoT monitoring and management
· Fire hazard map
· Fire hazard inspection
· Emergency rescue and support
· Refined management of firefighting resources
· Safety awareness programs and trainings

Gaia AIoT ABAS Smart Building Energy Platform

Created to provide full-lifecycle management of cities, parks and buildings, including pipe rack, firefighting, energy and environment protection, with the aims of improving management efficiency, saving operating costs, providing comprehensive information and enabling big data summary/presentation/analysis/application services: 

·Automated real-time monitoring
·Visualized management of BIM
·Anomaly alerts and dynamic processing
·Power consumption analysis and optimization policies